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A mixed media installation commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst 2023

This newly commissioned installation addresses the questions of emancipation and autonomy as a continuous artistic problem. With the means of video, painting & sound it tries out strategies to create a speechless space  – oscillating between void and autonomous zone. This resonates with Desamory’s long-time interest in colliding, fluid memories, and spurned narratives, which she explores in combinations of diverse media such as installations, films, and live performances. The present work’s title “Untitledment” describes her effort to create a yet not signified area: a  “terrain vague”. 


“If you want power
you need the word.
If you want more power
you need the written word.
At the center of my interest is the search for the unspeakable, the cracks,
fields and heaps of existence which may never be framed / cartographed by language.
A space of
wordless thinking.”

Edit: Isabell Spengler
Sound and Music: Nicholas Bussmann
Color Grading: Till Beckmann
Portrait: Sophie Watzlawick
Graphic design: Formula Projects
Assistants: Lucile Germanangue, Pénélope Gratacos