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Month: April 2024

De Wervelende Wirwar/The swirling Tangle

De Wervelende Wirwar/The Swirling Tangle unfolds across twelve chapters, tracing Yokeh’s journey amidst a solar eclipse in Aalst, Belgium, where the elliptical structure of her memories evolves into a profound confrontation. Portrayed by the renowned actress Joke Devynck, Yokeh, a soap opera star, is meticulously observed in the tapestry of her everyday existence. An ageing, crackling voiceover comments on Yokeh’s actions and encounters, yet the narrator’s desperate attempts to steer events prove mostly futile. The story takes an irreversible turn as the sun vanishes behind the moon, altering Yokeh’s life forever.


  • Producer: Escautville
  • Co-producer: CaSk Films, Netwerk Aalst
  • Associate producer: Pieternel Vermoortel
  • Supported by VAF, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Jester, Beursschouwburg, Taxipalais Kunsthalle Tirol, Ellen de Bruijne Projects

  • Directed by: Lucile Desamory
  • Screenplay: Damien Desamory
  • Composer & Sound Design: Nicholas Bussmann
  • Main actors: Joke Devynck, Jeroen Van der Ven
  • Voice over: Tania Van der Sanden
  • Director of Photography: Artur Castro Freire
  • Camera assistance: Laure Massiet
  • Line producer: Monica Fierlafijn
  • Regie assistance: Eva Maria Bouillon
  • Stage productie: June Rauschenberger
  • Sound engineer: Kwinten Van Laethem
  • Makeup: Marie Colet
  • Decor: Johan van der Maat, Liam Singelyn, Laurent Trezegnies
  • Costum: Lucile Desamory
  • Props: Elia Claessen
  • Editing: Sophie Watzlawick
  • Editing assistance: Séverine De Streyker
  • Visual effects: Luc Lavault
  • Trailer: Sophie Watzlawick

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