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Lucile Desamory

The work of the artist and film maker Lucile Desamory have been shown internationally, amongst others at the Tate Modern, Anthology Film Archive, Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain and Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Kunsthalle Zürich, WIELS and Mu.ZEE Oostende.
In her broad practice, which has included diorama, film-making and live performance, collaborations take a big part. Desamory has collaborated among others with Kevin Blechdom, Nicholas Bussmann and Luke Fowler on film and music, Antonia Baehr and Lucy McKenzie on installations and film.

Lucile Desamory lives and works in Berlin.

awards and grants:
IFA (Förderungen Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Stuttgart, 2016
CERA Partner in Arts, Belgium, 2011
Rölf Partner Stipendium, Düsseldorf, 2011
KünstlerInnenprogramm, Senat Berlin, 2010

Selected Filmography
Feature :
Suspended Disbelief, in pre-production
Dark Matter, 2010
Foules (dans l’atelier de Christophe Berhault), 2010
Haut les Coeurs , 2007
Countdown to Nothing in coll. with Kevin Blechdom, 2005
A l’ombre de l’hyperboloïde , 2004
La Série:1. L’infirmière cannibale, 1999 –2. Le générateur d’ondes électro-psychiques, 2000 -3. Clone zone in coll. with Patricia Gélise, 2000 –4. L’ennemi, 2000
Vandales et Vampires (Nuits Sanglantes), 1999
La Fesse noire, 1998
Crachat, 1997
La Polyclinique de la Peur, 1997

Asteroseismology, with Sabine Ercklentz and Margareth Kammerer, 2017
The Fall of the House of Usher, with Lindy Annis and Nicholas Bussmann, 2015

Solo Shows (selection)
Pasigrafia, Superdeals, Brussels
Frankenbiting, Dolores, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam
-An uneasy cessation of all things, Mieke van Schaijk Gallery, Den Bos
Der goldene Schlüssel, Glasmoog, Köln
-der Drall, Galerie Rupert Pfab, Düsseldorf, Germany
Former Lives curated by Heike van den Valentyn, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Germany
Schädigung der körperlichen Integrität durch Wunder, Kunsthalle Frisch, Berlin
Ovomancie, Galerie Lena Brüning, Berlin
The Butterfly Dance, Galerie Lena Brüning, Berlin
Quitte ou Double, invited by Caroline Nathusius, Cologne
Sursum Corda, STUK kunstencentrum, Belgium

Group shows (selection)
-Triennale Beaufort, Beyond Borders, Belgium
-Art Protects, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Evil under the Sun, curated by Lucy McKenzie and Milovan Farronato, Stromboli
A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance, Tate Modern, London
-Te Kust en te Keur, avec Caitlin Keogh, Beca Lipscombe, Carolin Lerch and LucyMcKenzie, Mu.Zee, Oostende, Belgique
Le printemps de Septembre à Toulouse “D’un autre monde”, Toulouse, France
-Town-Gown Conflict group show organized by Lucy McKenzie, Kunsthalle Zürich
Larger than Life – Stranger than Fiction 11.Triennale für Kleinplastik, curated by Ulrike Groos and Heike van den Valentyn, Fellbach, Germany
Surreal House, Barbican Art Gallery, London
Happy House oder Kleine Reparatur de Welt, curated by Gertrud Peters, Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf
-Un-Scene, Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, Belgium
-Die neue Filmschau, Kino Metropolis, Kino Arsenal, Hamburg-Berlin, Germany
Jigsaw (jeu de société) collaboration with Lucy McKenzie and Birgit Megerle, Cabinet Gallery, London, U.K. and Galerie Meerrettich, Berlin, Germany
-Looking back curated by Matthew Higgs, White Columns, New York, U.S.A.

Asteroseismology with Sabine Ercklentz and Margareth Kammerer, Ausland, Berlin
Singing Yetserday’s News again by Natscha Sadr Haghighian and Nicholas Bussmann, Documenta 14, Savvy Contemporary
I’m not one of us by Yan Jun, DAAD galerie
Secret News by Nicholas Bussmann, Savvy Contemporary
Wir, by Yan Jun and Nicholas Bussmann
-The Fall of the House of Usher with Lindy Annis and Nicholas Bussmann
-Major News Minor News by Nicholas Bussmann
-The News Blues by Nicholas Bussmann

Le Coin du Diable, Green Box Verlag, Berlin- Zürich, 2006, 350 ex.
-Une relation compliquée avec la Transe, éd. Fais-le-toi-même-si-t’es-pas-content, Paris, 2004, 100 ex.

reviews and catalogues:
Film review on ABRACADABRA, by Jafarkas in Tiny mix tapes, 2014
Former Lives, catalogue, essay by Heike van den Valentyn in conversation with Lucile Desamory, SB Verlag – Kunstraum Düsseldorf, 2013
7 Femmes, by Jean-Max Colard in les Inrockuptibles n°813, 2011
Ovomancie, catalogue, essay by François Jonquet, Galerie Lena Brüning, Berlin, 2010
Lucile Desamory. Das Dritte Auge by Alexandra Horn in Lager Than Life, Stranger Than Fiction. 11. Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach. Fellbach 2010. S. 69-72.
– The House of Lucile by Bruce Haines in Untitled n° 39, Autumn 2006
Lucile Desamory, L’horreur en super 8 by François Bonenfant in Bref, 19 oct. 2004