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Dark Matter

Belgium is densely populated and was in the 1980ies the only country with iluminated motorways. It was the brightest area on earth from a satellite perspective. Therefore Belgians thought of themselves as the ones to be spotted by aliens the first. Consequently UFO sightings where common. In 1989, another wave of unidentified flying objects swept across Belgium. The film is based on the letter of a woman who witnessed the phenomenon. She describes a UFO landing in her garden. The film reflects on the emotional impact when the construction of ones world suddenly shifts. The woman regrets that she did not have the courage to go into the garden and seek contact with the extraterrestrial entities. The film is based on a true story.

with: Lucile Desamory – camera: Lucile Desamory, Sophie Watzlawick
Super 8, Belgium, 2010