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Vu de l’Extérieur

video installation in coll. with Gustave Fundi and Glodie Mubikay
Netwerk Aalst, Alias, 2019
Forum Expanded Part of the Problem, Berlinale 2020

Photos: Tom Callemin

The installation VU DE L’EXTÉRIEUR reflects on the possibilities of a distant view from inside the own culture. The inside is Belgium and its cultural codes. With the installation a situation is created where inside and outside are obscured. The installation consists of a white box with a hidden entrance in the screen, only visible in some moments while the video is running. The video is the part of TÉLÉ RÉALITÉ directed by Glodie Mubikay and Gustave Fundi. It shows three Congolese women discussing a reality tv show they plan during the Belgian Carnaval. When the visitor enters the video screen, he/she find himself in a secret chamber with a surveillance monitor. On it, strange characters evolve in the house where the Blancs Moussis of Stavelot make and store tons and tons of confettis.