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Die Besondere Perücke

The Extraordinary Wig

A project by Antonia Baehr and Lucile Desamory

                  Photo: Anja Weber

Fringe white, syringe, brown, brown, black, white, grey, elastic rope, hand twine, twine mixed, twine old, beige, brown, grey, twine, twine grey, twine beige, twine red, blue, roll A55, rail, rings, screw eyelets, eyelets, eyelet work, rings, carabiner, tulle, rose petals, anemone (colorful), tiger lily leaves, rose leaves, dandelion leaves, grass, foxglove, fiddle, leaf shapes, flowers, narrow leaves, very thin floral wire green red, wire, flower stems, furniture ornament, leaves red poppy with leaves, flower calyxes, full, gerbera, full, flower calyxes pointed, big gerbera, spring flowers, half, leaves, petals, bouquets, rose petals (coarse), rose leaves, empty, leaves, various kinds of flowers, wire leaves, de-fix foils (different colours), branches, leaves, long narrow leaves, petals, rose petals yellow, skull, pear, potato, potato, corn, face masks, ladies rococo, very old wigs, dreadlocks, hands/feet, intestines, bowels, hearts, teeth, eyes, penis, ears, roots, snow queen, long dark baal, smooth baal, smooth baal noses, warm foam parts, bald heads with hair, dolls, larvae, horns, lips, leather masks, horns, animal noses, tulle leftovers

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